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Anti-Corruption & Transparency

The organization campaigns, or takes other actions against corruption and transparency.


The organization campaigns, or takes other actions against war.


The organization campaigns or acts to promote cultural events.

Domestic Violence

The organization campaigns or acts to prevent domestic violence.


The organization in concerned with some form of education.

Economic Change

Issues of economic policy, wealth distribution, etc.


The organization campaigns or acts to protect the environment.

Election Monitoring

The organization is an election monitor, or involved in election monitoring.

Freedom Tool Development

The organization develops tools for use in defending or extending digital rights.

Freedom of Expression

The organization is concerned with freedom of speech issues.


The organization is a funder of organizations or projects working with at risk users.

Health Issues

The organization prevents epidemic illness or acts on curing them.

Human Rights Issues

Relating to the detection, recording, exposure, or challenging of abuses of human rights.

Internet and Telecoms

Issues of digital rights in electronic communications.


Issues relating to the Lesbian, Gay, Bi, Transgender community.


The organization is a policy think- tank, or policy advocate.


The organization takes a strong political view or is a political entity.


Issues relating to the individual’s reasonable right to privacy.

Rapid Response

The organization provides rapid response type capability for civil society.


Issues relating to displaced people.

Reproductive Rights

The organization provides campaigns or acts to protect reproductive rights.


Issues relating to physical or information security.

Women’s Rights

Issues pertaining to inequality between men and women, or issues of particular relevance to women.

Youth Rights

Issues of particular relevance to youth.


Incident Analysis
Threat Modeling
Best Practice Review
Internal Process
Policy Writing
Securing Systems and Processes
Securing Hardware
Securing Infrastructure
Securing Data
Securing Communications
Using Secure Collaboration Tools
Physical Security
Security Travel
Security For Protests
Social Engineering
Journalism and Safe Reporting
Responding to Being Hacked
Protection of Online Privacy
Recovering from a Malware Attack
Doxxed or Trolled
Circumvention Methods
Android App Development
iOS App Development
Web Development

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