Digital Security Exchange

by: Debbie | March 20, 2018

On Trust

When we set out to put together civil society organizations and digital security experts, one of the core features for us was trust – how do we gain, strengthen, and keep the trust of all the partners? And more importantly, how to verbalize what is, for many, an instinctual action, to grant or withhold trust?

We’re grateful to be able to serve in this space, connecting civil society organizations with digital security experts. We enjoy learning about what you’re doing, the problems you’re encountering and want to solve, and we want to help you find solutions.

We, too, have worked in this joint space, both working with nonprofits and in the digital security arena. We trust you to be genuine in your desire to do good and to make sure you’re providing the best possible outcomes to your populations and that your interactions with us and our partners are authentic.

We’ll say what we’ll do and then we’ll do it. We’ll treat you with integrity and trust you’ll do the same with us. We’re open with our processes, funding, and technologies because we know that the availability and quality of information is important in informed decision making.

Our goal is to establish an ever-increasing circle of trust amongst us, the organizations, and providers. We strive to do this by presenting our sincerest selves to our partners, asking for similar commitments, and constantly evaluating and tweaking what’s working and what is not.