Digital Security Exchange

by: Josh | November 09, 2018

Launching the DSXpress

This week we launched a new newsletter – we’re calling it the “DSXpress” – for organizations, experts, trainers, and advisors who have worked with the DSX in some capacity over the last couple of years. It provides a high-level overview of U.S.-specific and global digital security news, including threats, updates, and best practices.

Take look at what we sent out and go here to subscribe.

If you have any suggestions for updates to include in upcoming newsletters (news about attacks on NGOs, new and emerging threats, research and analysis, etc.), or general feedback about this mailing, please send a note to

You can read the full newsletter for more, but here are a few updates, starting with some stats about our recent work:

While the DSX works with organizations focused on a diverse range of issues, the majority of organizations come to us with the same requests, including:

While some organizations have experienced attacks in the form of phishing attacks, social engineering attacks, and website hacks, the majority of those we work with are doing preventative work, building capacity to protect against future attacks. If you or someone you know could use this kind of help, let us know.