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by: Ingrid | December 02, 2019

November 2019 DSXpress

This month, our team presented at Bread & Net covering our new Digital Wellness Check. We were pleased with the positive reception a...

by: Ingrid | November 02, 2019

October 2019 DSXpress

In the U.S., the DSX’s work presses on as we continue to engage with more organizations. In the last month, we’ve interfaced with groups working to support immigrants, gender equality, reproductive rights, and victims of online harassment. Be on the lookout next month for o...

by: Ingrid | October 02, 2019

September 2019 DSXpress

We’ve had a productive month here at DSX. Two members of our team just returned from FIFAfrica where they shared a demo of the newly released CDR Link 1.0. We received a lot ...

by: Ingrid | September 02, 2019

August 2019 DSXpress

Happy start of the school year! With the kids going back to the classroom, we thought we’d share a special blog post with contributions from one of our Cyber Squad members. Visit here to read some of the security and privac...

by: Ingrid | September 01, 2019

Cyber Squad Interview

Fall is fast approaching and with it, the start of a new school year in the US. DSX Cyber Squad member Nick is a Digital Learning Specialist with a US capital city public school system. He is acutely aware that the technical issues facing our broader society are also having...

by: Ingrid | August 01, 2019

July 2019 DSXpress

We’re approaching the halfway mark of summer. We’ve been busy continuing to help our community with all their digital security needs as well as demoing our Link platform.

This past month, Cyber Squad member, Nick, stepped up to assist one of our civil society organi...

by: Ingrid | June 28, 2019

June 2019 DSXpress

We’re back from RightsCon 2019 in Tunisia! It was a great, great conference, with nearly 2,500 human rights and technology advocates from dozens of countries discussing the human rights implications of AI, data protection policy, supporting social movements online, and, of ...

by: Ingrid | June 25, 2019

Conference Tips Checklist

Conference season is in full swing! While you’re planning what to pack, who to meet with, and what sessions to attend, run down this short checklist to make sure your digital security is ready, too! Add a bookmark to this page or print it out so you can easily refer back to...

by: Ingrid | June 03, 2019

May 2019 DSXpress

As we look forward to meeting with current and future friends and partners next month at RightsCon, we’re busily moving a few things forward. We’re coordinating with partners to make accessibility adaptations to the SAFETAG security audi...

by: Josh | January 31, 2019

You can contact us on Signal

We’re less than a month into 2019 but there’s a lot going on!

The DSX is busy organizing a number of needs assessments for environmental justice, women’s rights, and democracy organizations in the U.S.

Getting ...

by: Josh | December 18, 2018

2018 Year in Review

Thanks to the support of folks like you, the DSX project has continued to grow since our official launch in March of this year, serving more and more organizations and growing our network of digital security providers. As we rapidly approach the end of 2018, I wanted to tak...

by: Josh | November 09, 2018

Launching the DSXpress

This week we launched a new newsletter – we’re calling it the “DSXpress” – for organizations, experts, trainers, and advisors who have worked with the DSX in some capacity over the last couple of years. It provides a high-level overview of U.S.-specific and global digital s...

by: Josh | July 18, 2018

Case studies: Who has the DSX has been working with?

From the moment we first embarked on the DSX project, in early 2017, through today, we’ve used an agile-like method of understanding the needs of organizations, providers, and communities we are working with. In part, that means an incremental and deliberate approach to use...

by: Josh | May 17, 2018

Efail: Should you stop using PGP encryption?

Update, July 2018: If you’re using Thunderbird and the Enigmail plugin to encrypt your email, the EFF says it’s safe to turn PGP encryption back on. If you’re using Apple ...

by: Josh | April 24, 2018

Tackling digital security across civil society

Almost every organization we talk to tells us that while the need for greater digital security is clear – one look at the headlines on any given day will tell you that – resources and funding support for such work continue to be scarce.

This is why I and Katie Gillu...

by: Josh | March 20, 2018

Welcome to the DSX

After a full year of concept design, community mapping, feedback generation, and technical development, we’re thrilled to officially launch the Digital Security Exchange.

I started work on the concept that became DSX on Wednesday, November 9, 2016 – the day after Do...

by: Josh | March 20, 2018

TL;DR: Our Approach to Security and Vetting

The Digital Security Exchange is focused on supporting U.S. organizations and individuals, though we coordinate with global networks to provide support to organizations and individuals around the world.

We rely on human-powered vetting and endorsement policies, we e...

by: Debbie | March 20, 2018

On Trust

When we set out to put together civil society organizations and digital security experts, one of the core features for us was trust – how do we gain, strengthen, and keep the trust of all the partners? And more importantly, how to verbalize what is, for many, an instinctual...